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It is a convenient bus for exploring the main sightseeing spots in Kanazawa City. You can go around Higashi Chaya District, Kenrokuen Garden, Kanazawa Castle Park, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art,Kanazawa, Naga-machi Buke Yashiki District, and Omi-cho Market, etc. on these buses. The KANAZAWA LOOP BUS has a Right Loop and a Left Loop route and runs every 15 minutes respectively. The KENROKUEN SHUTTLE runs every 20 minutes. The ONE DAY PASS can be used for these buses. When the bus arrives at the bus-stop that you want to get off at, please inform us by pushing the buzzer button and put the fare in the fare box when you get off. If you take the bus by using a ONE DAY PASS, please show that ticket to the driver when you get off.

Bus Map For Kanazawa Sightseeng

  • Tsudumi Mon Gate
    KANAZAWA LOOP BUS(Left Loop) Kanazawa-Station East Gate Bus Terminal
    KANAZAWA LOOP BUS(Right Loop)Kanazawa-Station East Gate Bus Terminal
    s0 s13
    KENROKUEN SHUTTLE Kanazawa-Station East Gate Bus Terminal
    Kanazawa Station is the gateway of Kanazawa. At the East Square, there is a glass dome, “hospitality dome”, which expresses a hospitable heart, reflecting an image of an umbrella held out to people visiting Kanazawa. In the basement, there is an information corner and an event space where various events are held. In addition, “the hand drum gate” sits at the front reflecting the image of a hand drum used in traditional arts. It has been popular as a new symbol of Kanazawa. The Joka Machi Kanazawa tour bus and the KENROKUEN SHUTTLE depart from the bus terminal next to the hospitality dome.
  • Higashi Chaya District
    KANAZAWA LOOP BUS(Left Loop) Hashiba-cho
    KANAZAWA LOOP BUS(Right Loop)Hashiba-cho
    It is a popular sightseeing area near the Asano River, and it is lined with houses where geishas lived in the old times.The cityscape of the past is still evident here. How about thinking of the past Kanazawa at this place which introduces Japanese teahouse culture?
  • Kenrokuen Garden
    KANAZAWA LOOP BUS(Left Loop) Kenrokuen Garden・Kanazawa Castle Park
    KANAZAWA LOOP BUS(Right Loop)Kenrokuen Garden・Kanazawa Castle Park
    s7 s8
    KENROKUEN SHUTTLE Kenrokuen Garden・Kanazawa Castle Park
    This garden was constructed more than 300 years ago as a garden of the second house of the then feudal lord. It is one of the highest peaks at the daimyo gardens, and is famous as one of the three great gardens in Japan. You can feel the Japanese atmosphere amid the beautiful scenery anytime all year round.
    Open 3/1〜10/15
    7:00am – 6:00pm
    7:00am – 6:00pm
    Fee Adult
     More than 65 year old senior citizen free
  • Kanazawa Castle Park
    KANAZAWA LOOP BUS(Left Loop) Kenrokuen Garden・Kanazawa Castle Park
    KANAZAWA LOOP BUS(Right Loop)Kenrokuen Garden・Kanazawa Castle Park
    s7 s8
    KENROKUEN SHUTTLE Kenrokuen Garden・Kanazawa Castle Park
    The full-scale building of Kanazawa Castle began more than 400 years ago. Although many of the buildings were burned down by many fires, some parts such as Ishikawa Gate and Sanjukken Nagaya are left now. In recent years, some parts of the Gojukken Nagaya and the castle were restored to their original forms. It is here where you will be able to see a wide variety of stone walls which are not found elsewhere.
    Feefree※When entering Hishi Yagura, Gojukken Nagaya, Hashizume Gate, Tsuzuki YaguraAdult
  • Hirosaka 21st Centry Museum
    KANAZAWA LOOP BUS(Left Loop) Hirosaka・21st Century Museum
    KANAZAWA LOOP BUS(Right Loop)Hirosaka・21st Century Museum
    s5 s9
    KENROKUEN SHUTTLE Hirosaka・21st Century Museum
    Here you can learn about artistic activities of the 21st century gathered from around the world and characterized by a circular, and a one-sided glazed wall. You can not only look but also experience the artwork here and deepen your understanding about modern art.
    More than 65-year-old senior citizen
    Below the high school student
  • Nishi Chaya District
    KANAZAWA LOOP BUS(Left Loop) Hirokoji
    The largest number of geishas is in the Chaya-gai in Kanazawa, and even now it still features a beautiful cityscape that’s lined with restaurants. In a teahouse style building, you hear the sound of the shamisen (a traditional Japanese three-string instrument) and hand drums, and you’ll be able to feel Kanazawa in every sense with the eyes, the ears, and the tongue.
  • Naga-machi Buke Yashiki District
    KANAZAWA LOOP BUS(Left Loop) Korinbo
    KANAZAWA LOOP BUS(Right Loop)Korinbo
    s30 s10
    Many traces of the mansion where a clansman who once lived in Nagamachi still exists and civil life is still carrying on in the town. How about leisurely strolling in the cityscape, which has retained the old atmosphere, including a cobbled and earthen wall followed alley and flowing water?
  • Omi-cho Market
    KANAZAWA LOOP BUS(Left Loop) Musashigatsuji・Omi-cho Market
    KANAZAWA LOOP BUS(Right Loop)Musashigatsuji・Omi-cho Market
    s12 s1
    KENROKUEN SHUTTLE Musashigatsuji・Omi-cho Market
    There’s a very popular place for Kanazawa residents to go shopping. This market is comprised of approximately 170 stores that sell mainly fresh fish and vegetables. Also, there are many shops such as sushi bars and restaurants that serve fresh food, and it has become the perfect place for both shopping and having lunch.
    Open9:00am – 5:00pm
    ※Opening and closing times vary by shops.

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ONE DAY PASS and contact information

The ONE DAY PASS is an unlimited ride ticket for one day on buses including the KANAZAWA LOOP BUS, the KENROKUEN SHUTTLE, and other buses in designated areas. Please feel free to use the ticket to take many buses a day and go sightseeing at famous places around the town.
This pass cannot be used on the Kanazawa Light up Bus.


The ONE DAY PASS is valid only for 1 day on the date of usage. The valid date will be printed on the ticket. When you get off the bus, please show the date on the ticket to the driver.

FareAdult 500yen
Child 250yen
Desk 【Hokutetsu Bus Ticket Office(Hokutetsu Ekimae Center)】
Open(High way Express Bus)6:15〜20:00
(ONE DAY PASS, etc.)7:00〜20:00 7 days week.

【Transportation Information Center(Bus Ticket Counter)】
Open 7:00〜20:00(※Express bus ticket is not handled.)